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Are the cushions or padding in your vehicle's seat worn out? Normal wear and tear, such as seam tears are common, but the overall life of the seat cover depends on the padding or foam beneath. We don't cut corners when we repair your seat. We repair both the inside and outside, using quality materials to support the seat itself. We always give the same attention to detail to a daily driver as we do a classic car.

Attentive Seat Repair

We can repair tears in the seam of your vehicle's seat by replacing both adjoining pieces of material.

We utilize the best possible care when repairing your vehicle. We'll even go as far as replacing the original manufactured hardware.

Seat Repair

Perfectly repaired seat covers and padding

At American Auto Trim, we have an attentive eye when it comes to quality. Your repaired vehicle seat will not have wrinkles and all of the seams will be straight and fixed like new. We strive to return your vehicle back to the manufacturer's specifications — with the same attention to detail — where most repairs are indistinguishable from the rest of your interior.

You won't be able to tell your vehicle's seat was ever damaged

Let us repair the damaged area of your auto upholstery and get your vehicle's interior looking like new. Call today:


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