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If you've ever had a sagging headliner, you may have considered taking care of the project yourself. Every type of headliner is different, and you could get yourself into a mess with the sticky glues and touchup adhesive. The experts at American Auto Trim know the ins and outs of every vehicle's interior. We will match your headliner to its original state, while being mindful of hidden electrical wires and other hazards.

Matching Your Headliner to the Original

Can the headliner be re-glued in place, or must it be replaced? Our experts will carefully determine the best course of action for repairs.

It's best to have a professional repair your headliner. A sagging headliner is a problem that only gets worse over time.



Stop your headliner from sagging further

To properly complete this job, American Auto Trim will pull out the headliner board, and then strip the surface of the headliner cover of adhesives and other contaminants. Then, we glue new material to the headboard and re-install your headliner. We will match your headliner as close as we possibly can to the original. Rest assured, as all of our work is guaranteed.

Proper repair and installation of headliners

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